How it all started


Candie Pie Nation was started in 2014 as a support page for my daughter Candice. She was born on July 1, 2013 with a long list of medical issues. As her mom, I was always trying to find ways to bring joy to our crazy life of doctor’s appointments and hospital stays.

The most fun we had while in the hospital always came in the form of playing dress up—I handmade custom hospital gowns and matching accessories for Candice, to help bring joy to our lives, despite the setting we were in. Candice passed away on January 23, 2016. It means so much to me that the last memories and pictures of my daughter are not of her full of tubes, wires and scars. Rather, they are of Candie Pie in her bright, happy dresses surrounded by lots of love.

Since Candice’s passing, Candie Pie Nation has grown into a strong community and thriving business. We offer a number of helpful resources and also sell our Candie Pie Couture Collection—a line of children’s hospital gowns and accessories inspired by the ones I used to hand sew for Candice.

A hospital is never a place you want to be with your child. Candie Pie nation strives to help children and their families find joy during these tough times. Whether your child has a congenital heart condition, a chronic illness or even is just heading to the hospital for a minor surgery, it is our mission to make your hospital experience as joyful as possible.